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From: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#1]
 17 Nov 2010

I am new to Byetta (2 months), & am slowly adjusting. Nausea is getting much better. Still haven't lost any weight which is a big disapointment to me.
My biggest concern though, is the red itchy welts at the injection site.
Any others have this problem? Any suggestions to prevent this?


From: Mark_in_MO [#3]
 17 Nov 2010
To: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#1] 18 Nov 2010

Hi Nanny,

Welcome to the forum. As a new Byetta user, I recommend reading through the "Byetta Basics" which are located on the "Start" page - click on the Start link on the left side of the blue header and scroll to the bottom for the link to the Byetta Basics. You will find a lot of good info there.

Many people have reported having the red welts when injecting. It is believed that this is caused by a reaction to the Byetta when it gets on the surface of the skin. You can minimize the skin contact by gently wiping the needle off before injecting and even wiping off the skin after injecting. There is info in the Byetta Basics about how to minimize the little drops left on the end of the needle which will, in turn, reduce the skin irritation issue.

Hope these suggestions help.


From: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#5]
 19 Nov 2010
To: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#1] 19 Nov 2010


As Mark says we've had some have the same problem and the Byetta Basics will help give you some solutions.

Since Byetta is a glucose lowering med first, how are your glucose numbers? Are they coming down? Sadly weight loss is a side effect and not everyone suffers from that particular side effect. But you never know, it may happen yet. How is your appetite?



From: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#7]
 19 Nov 2010
To: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#5] 20 Nov 2010

Geri, thanks for your response.

My numbers have been much better. I seldom have a reading above 170, and FBG has been 120-135. So, yes the Byetta is helping me.

Although, if the numbers were not so much better, I think I'd be tempted to give up on the injections. Dr. said I would lose weight by taking this vs. having her increase my oral meds which would make me gain. That's the only reason I agreed to take the shots. I was hopeful.

The first month I had problems with nausea, so ate very little (but still did not lose weight). Nausea has improved quite a bit, so my appetite has come back. Although I do seem to fill up quicker than I did before. I am trying to pay attention to that cue and eat less. Sad to say I have actually gained 4 lbs. since starting Byetta (fail)

I did read through the Byetta basics and am trying different ideas to relieve the welts. Still getting them, but am still trying different techniques.....I haven't given up yet.


From: Geri in Co:Victoza(3-10) (GERI) [#9]
 20 Nov 2010
To: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#7] 22 Nov 2010

Hang in there. Some of us had rough beginnings with Byetta. So when you do eat make sure you eat your veggies first, meat then complex carbs so if you fill up faster you are getting the better for you stuff in. I've always said that Byetta is a tool not a cure all and we must work with this tool.

I suggest writing everything down that you eat for the next two weeks and then look back and see what you really did eat and look for ways to cut down the calories. I've been keeping a food diary for the past 8 years and it really does help keeping track of the food we eat.

Hope your numbers continue to come down.


From: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#11]
 22 Nov 2010
To: Mark_in_MO [#3] 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for the suggestions. I read the Byetta Basics and have incorporated their suggestions along with yours. I have had a couple shots in the last few days that have not caused the welts (nod) , yet the others have. I'm really trying to figure out why. One thing I've noticed is that the more it stings when injecting, the more likely I am to get a welt. I'm being persistent in trying to figure out a solution. If I do, I'll be sure to post !


From: Mark_in_MO [#13]
 22 Nov 2010
To: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#11] 22 Nov 2010


Sounds like you are getting a welt when there is a small amount of the Byetta on the end of the needle. Make sure that you are turning the pen to the first stop after the injection is complete - this is where the pen should not leak any of the med out the needle. If possible, try these techniques together where 1) you maintain heavy pressure on the pen injector for 10-15 seconds when injecting,this will help force all the med into your body, and 2) where you then turn the pen to the "stop" point and then actually rotate the pen all with the needle still inside you to "wipe off" the needle inside your skin. Both of these together should minimize the formation of any droplets on the end of the needle. If you are still getting an occasional welt, you can also touch the needle to a clean/dry tissue before injecting to make sure there is no mini-droplet on the end. Hope this helps.

P.S. and hang in there, sometimes the weight loss takes a while - Geri's suggestion of documenting everything can be quite revealing when you you look back on a week or two, helping to pinpoint those opportunity areas where you can make changes to help with the weight loss. Good luck!


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#15]
 23 Nov 2010
To: Mark_in_MO [#13] 23 Nov 2010

Mark, are you saying to advance the pen to the next click before taking it out? I'm not sure that is what you mean but if it is I disagree. If you turn the pen to the last arrow that sets up for the next shot while the needle is still inside, you then run the risk of contaminating the pen by getting blood back into it. I know in the past others have suggested doing that but why risk ruining the pen?


From: Mark_in_MO [#17]
 23 Nov 2010
To: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#15] 23 Nov 2010


Normally they recomend injecting the meds by holding firm pressure on the pen plunger for 10 seconds or so. After you have injected the meds you have 3 options, 1) simply release pressure and withdraw the needle, or 2) keep firm pressure on the plunger while you withdraw the needle, or 3) rotate the plunger to the next position.

If you release pressure before you withdraw the needle (option 1), it would seem that you are more likely to have blood back up into the needle due to the reduced pressure - I have no proof of this, it just sems logical. If you keep firm pressure on the plunger while withdrawing the needle (option 2) you may have some Byetta end up on your skin, thus causing a welt. The basic instruction for using the Byetta pen state that the starting position is with the arrow pointing toward the plunger. The instructions for Byetta state when the injection is complete you will see a triangle in the dosage window, and then you must rotate the plunger to the arrow to "reset the pen for the next dose and to assure no leakage of Byetta". So...if the pen will not leak Byetta at the next detent, then it should not pull any blood into the needle either.

Many Byetta patients have reported that turning the plunger to the next detent while maintaining the pressure (option 3), and then (with the pen reset, and in the "no leak" setting) if you rotate the needle still in your skin it will wipe off the needle inside you, thus minimizing the risk of getting any Byetta in contact with the skin. I have been following this procedure for years and never have any problem with welts, and have never had any blood seep back into the pen.


From: Sue (SUEFIRST50) [#19]
 23 Nov 2010
To: Mark_in_MO [#17] 24 Nov 2010

It's always good to have options I guess. I've never had problems with welts from Byetta but I do get little red pin prick marks at the injection site sometimes and also a little itching once in a while. It us understandable that some people might be more sensitive to it though.


From: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#21]
 23 Nov 2010
To: Mark_in_MO [#17] 24 Nov 2010

I understand what you are saying, and it certainly does make sense. I have been doing what you suggest, but still having problems. My welts normally take between 12-24 hours to show up. So, just when I think that--hey it worked this time, no welt....it shows up later!
I just can't seem to figure out the problem. I've even experimented with depth thinking I'm injecting too shallow. So am now trying to push the pen in as far as I can..will try this a few times to see if it makes any difference.

I'd love to hear from someone else who had this problem and solved it :S

Just a side question. I noticed that under the 'welts at injection site' header it says there are 15 (or whatever number) posts. When I view them, I only have the odd numbered messages (1,3,5,7,9,11,13, etc,). Do you know why that is? Am I missing some messages? I notice that on other subjects also.



From: Mark_in_MO [#23]
 24 Nov 2010
To: Nanny(WI) (NANNY) [#21] 24 Nov 2010

A few months ago a glitch appeared (glitch is a technical computer term for "we have no idea why this is happening") such that all posts are numbered with odd numbers only - no even numbers.

So...you are not missing any posts, you are just geting the odd ones (pun intended!) (nod)


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